April 6, 2020



In this difficult context, Citroën Service is mobilized to preserve your health, and the safety of you and your close ones.  

“In this difficult context, Citroën Service is mobilized to preserve your health, and the safety of you and your close ones.
In all our network, we have set up full measures to reinforce sanitary protocols. Our teams have been trained to respect safety instructions in order to protect you, and to protect themselves. They carry out strict work methods which have been validated by health professionals. They use products that have been selected by our medical and technical experts in order to provide a high quality of service.
These are the steps for the disinfection of your car that ensure an optimal work quality:
. Equipping of our technicians with individual protections
. Vehicle preparation
. Cleaning and disinfection of the inside of your vehicle all doors open in 17 steps
. Cleaning and disinfection of the outside of your car
. Withdrawal of the protection equipment of the technicians.
Our commitment is to provide you offers that are adapted to your safety needs. For instance, we have developed a SAFETY & DISINFECTION offer that includes a safety check (with 20 control points), an air-conditioning clean-up, an air cabin filter replacement. We include the inside and outside disinfection of your vehicle for free.

Citroën Service is doing its best to carry out the maintenance and repair of Light commercial vehicles and passenger cars or its clients and their assistance in case of a breakdown. We wish to contribute to the public services mobility as well as the mobility of our clients who are in need of their car for their essential rides.
Our first priority is to protect the health of our clients and our employees with the setup of exceptional measures in our workshops : barrier measures, gloves mandatory, safety distance must be respected between people, including in queues and during individual reception, appointments and car reception in our workshops.
If you have symptoms such as cough or fever when you arrive at our premises, we kindly ask you to delay your appointment until after a medical check.
We are doing everything possible to preserve your health, your safety and your mobility.
Citroën Service is following the situation closely and will daily update the opening hours of our workshop in line with our network and in accordance with Governmental regulation. Considering the circumstances, some workshops could still be closed or have their opening hours adjusted. Please get in touch with your workshop to check their availability.
Take care of yourself and of your close ones.
The Citroën Service team”


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Roadside assistance is still operating. In case of a breakdown, please contact Citroën Assistance :19394


1. What types of operations can be done in my workshop during the quarantine period?
All of them. We can do all the usual operations (maintenance, repair…). During this time, however, we will prioritize urgent operations.

2. Are workshops open for all clients?
Yes. We will take care of your vehicle, whether you are a professional or a private individual.

3. Is roadside assistance still operating?
Yes, we keep this service operating. Would you need to contact us, please call us on 19394
In case of a breakdown

The Citroën services during the COVID-19 period

In this context of COVID-19, Citroën is doing its best to provide after-sales service for the light commercial vehicles and passenger cars of its customers.